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Experience (IS) the Difference.

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Client, Talent Acquisition Partner/Global Transformation

I strongly recommend Inspired Talent as a top-notch staffing and services provider. We have worked together for well over a year and their support and performance has been ineffable and outstanding to say the least. The team boasts a professional and solid knowledge of technology, as well as many other areas of expertise such as corporate finance and operations.


Partnering with Inspired Talent over the last year has given our organization close to 10 outstanding hires to help us through our massive global implementation. Since I have also been in the staffing industry for over a decade, I can attest to the level of detail that Daren brings to the table with each one of their candidates. By the time they get to me, they have been screened, vetted, and are clearly ready to move forward in the hiring process.


Daren’s strategic traits, coupled with his exemplar personality, has separated him from most all of his competitors, therefore making the Inspired Talent team an essential partner for our business. All in all, they are at the top of their game in the staffing industry. I would highly recommend the Inspired Talent team for all of your hiring needs!

Wendy H.,

Client, North American Director of Talent Acquisition

Inspired is one of the best Executive Talent Search Partners that I have worked with.

They are an excellent relationship builder not only with candidates but with hiring managers.

They are on top of things and keep me in line at the same time.

Whatever we need, they deliver. The team understands the culture fit as well as the technical skills required.

Also, Daren is very passionate about what he does and it shows! He came to our corporate offices and worked with us side-by-side to best learn about the team and it feels like he is an extension of our company. I value his contributions and would not hesitate to recommend him and Inspired highly to another company that is in need of technology resource recruitment.

Betsy, Client,

MSP Program Manager

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Daren as a Supplier to the MSP group we manage.


He has been an absolute professional, always available to discuss upcoming projects, opportunities and challenges we've had along the way.


Professionally, Daren is aware of the opportunities and challenges in the industry and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Personally, he's a kind and thoughtful person to work with - which in the ever-changing world of contingent labor staffing, is a very nice thing to have on your side.

Evan K.,


I have spoken with a number of recruiters and I have come to appreciate - by working with Daren and the team at Inspired Talent - the value of a professional doing thoughtful work in a field where there are far too many boiler rooms in faraway lands, ethically challenged yes men and black holes where "no response" is considered an answer.

Michelle R.,

Client, L&D and Talent Development Executive

Inspired has been a truly responsive and flexible partner. On more than one occasion, they have found extremely capable niche talent to fulfill my company’s needs. They do not blink when aggressive time frames are requested and have always come through. They are a fantastic partner and I appreciate Daren's ability to keep his composure and calm, pleasant demeanor no matter what he’s handed.


Client, Director of Recruiting

Inspired (and Daren) are one of the few professionals I have worked with who have the insight to understand the needs of the client and present candidates who match the skills.

Matthew Z.,

Client, Global Director of Engineering

I have had the pleasure of working with Inspired Talent Solutions (ITS) over this last year as we continue to build our US Engineering capabilities. During part of this time, we sought out and used two other recruiting firms in order to expand our search. We quickly learned that Inspired provides a high level of quality service and candidates not found in the competition.


First, let’s start with what Daren and Inspired are not. They are not a resume shop that will simply push resumes over to you that have a couple of key words of value. They are not a hands-off recruiter working with hundreds of clients who won’t get back to you in a quick and defined fashion. They are not a company that cares more about their retention fee and less about their clients.


Inspired Talent Solutions are recruiters who will work with you to understand your corporate culture. They will handhold candidates through the process making sure they are well informed of the position for which they are applying and the culture of the company. They are recruiters who will follow up and make sure the employees they helped place are working out.


I have been extremely satisfied with Daren’s ability to bring forth quality candidates. And, I would highly recommend him for your technical recruiting needs, especially if you are a small customer with a unique culture who is looking for very specific skill sets.

Derek H.,


I would highly recommend Inspired Talent Solutions. They very clearly understood the needs of their client but also myself the potential candidate. Daren identified that my personality would be an ideal fit for the position and was able to effectively communicate it to me. He provided all of the logistics for me to meet with the client company, assisted with the negotiations, and followed through until the offer was received. He and Inspired made this job transition the smoothest that I have had. My transition to this new company is the smartest move I have made, and Daren is the reason why.

Dan J.,

Candidate then Client/Senior Technology Manager

Typically when you are contacted by a recruiter he or she immediately moves into the "pitch," trying to determine how you could fit into the position regardless if it's a good match for both parties. There are those rare occasions when the recruiter seems to have actually read your resume fully, done research and has a good fit. Then there are those even rarer occasions, like the experience I had with Daren and the team at Inspired, where the recruiter is interested, first and foremost, with who you are as a person and what you want for your career. The team at Inspired made certain that not only did my background match the position's needs, but that my personality matched the company's culture and my ambitions aligned with the opportunities. ITS provided the right amount of assistance and guidance throughout the entire process; it was by far the best experience I've had with a recruiter.


Nowadays, I know Daren and Inspired from the other side of the table; they are diligently finding candidates for positions I need to fill. Those same qualities I experienced with Daren when he was recruiting me hold true as he is recruiting for me. Not one candidate is brought without a discussion about who the person is and why they believe they would be an asset to our company. The people we have hired through Inspired have become just that, assets to our company. Even when I challenge Inspired with difficult positions to fill, the attention to intra-personal details is unwavering. I would recommend Daren and ITS to anyone who is looking for a new job/career/opportunity and to any company looking to hire quality employees.



Inspired Talent are the best recruiters I’ve ever dealt with. They are professional, efficient and courteous. The team expedited the process and went the extra mile to send me helpful tips.


It is comforting to know that in a game where you can often feel like a number, there is a recruiting firm like Inspired Talent Solutions – I would recommend using Daren Bitter and Inspired for your recruiting needs as they will comprehensively cover all bases. As a prospective employee, expect them to be prompt and thorough in getting to the heart of your talents. Also, Daren has a keen eye to detail and a passionate dedication to the ART of recruiting.

Inspired Talent Solutions brings a wealth of experience and an extensive network to talent acquisition space. The average tenure of our team is 20+ years in serving technology, engineering, financial services, accounting, and healthcare customers. We understand the business side of things and focus on finding the right talent to help our clients succeed.

If you desire a firm that scrapes résumé boards and hits the send button, you have approached the wrong talent acquisition company. For us, recruiting is about digging deep and finding the right technical, professional and interpersonal skills as well as cultural, team fit, and forward-looking motivations. We can accommodate high volume work, but we will not sacrifice quality to achieve quantity.

At Inspired Talent, we strive to understand your organization's business as well as the challenges and opportunities you are facing. Taking the time to fully comprehend the requirements at hand is what allows us to deliver the level of talent for which we are known. We aim to learn your business and your specific needs to ensure we provide excellent solutions for your talent needs.

With more than 60 years of talent, knowledge, and business networks, Inspired Talent Solutions has the advantage when it comes to providing clients with top-quality resource solutions. Give us the opportunity to inspire you, and we are positive that you will "experience the difference."

Like our approach to engaging our clients, our attention to job candidates is not just on target or hits the bull's-eye — but the center of the bull’s-eye. Taking time to understand the vision for your career trajectory, both short-term and long-term, is our specialty.

We take the time to identify the type of companies or environments where you have been most successful and why. We don't stop there; we also want to understand where you want to go next in your career!

We offer access to a growing list of firms across the nation who are looking to hire top talents. Our candidates, who are working across the country and around the world, can attest to the Inspired Talent Solutions-experience. Many of our current openings can be viewed HERE.