Recruiting Exceptional Talent for Your Company


Talent Acquisition Partner/Global Transformation

I strongly recommend Inspired Talent as a top-notch staffing and services provider. We have worked together for well over a year and their support and performance has been ineffable and outstanding to say the least. The team boasts a professional and solid knowledge of technology, as well as many other areas of expertise such as corporate finance and operations.

Partnering with Inspired Talent over the last year has given our organization close to 10 outstanding hires to help us through our massive global implementation. Since I have also been in the staffing industry for over a decade, I can attest to the level of detail that Daren brings to the table with each one of their candidates. By the time they get to me, they have been screened, vetted, and are clearly ready to move forward in the hiring process.


Daren’s strategic traits, coupled with his exemplar personality, has separated him from most all of his competitors, therefore making the Inspired Talent team an essential partner for our business. All in all, they are at the top of their game in the staffing industry. I would highly recommend the Inspired Talent team for all of your hiring needs!

Michelle R.,

Client, L&D and Talent Development Executive

Inspired has been a truly responsive and flexible partner. On more than one occasion, they have found extremely capable niche talent to fulfill my company’s needs. They do not blink when aggressive time frames are requested and have always come through. Daren is a fantastic partner and I appreciate his ability to keep his composure and calm, pleasant demeanor no matter what he’s handed.


Client, Director of Recruiting

Inspired (and Daren) are one of the few professionals I have worked with who have the insight to understand the needs of the client and present candidates who match the skills.

Matthew Z.,

Client, Global Director of Engineering

I have had the pleasure of working with Inspired Talent Solutions (ITS) over this last year as we continue to build our US Engineering capabilities. During part of this time, we sought out and used two other recruiting firms in order to expand our search. We quickly learned that Inspired provides a high level of quality service and candidates not found in the competition.


First, let’s start with what Daren and Inspired are not. They are not a resume shop that will simply push resumes over to you that have a couple of key words of value. They are not a hands-off recruiter working with hundreds of clients who won’t get back to you in a quick and defined fashion. They are not a company that cares more about their retention fee and less about their clients.


Inspired Talent Solutions are recruiters who will work with you to understand your corporate culture. They will handhold candidates through the process making sure they are well informed of the position for which they are applying and the culture of the company. They are recruiters who will follow up and make sure the employees they helped place are working out.


I have been extremely satisfied with Daren’s ability to bring forth quality candidates. And, I would highly recommend him for your technical recruiting needs, especially if you are a small customer with a unique culture who is looking for very specific skill sets.

Let Us Do the Leg Work

Implementing a contingent workforce solution can positively impact your bottom line by improving the performance of your workforce and reducing your overall cost per hire. Flexible resourcing helps companies adjust to the cyclical nature of the economy and their business through the use of contingent talent.

Perhaps you know the type of talent that you need and are prepared to commit long-term. Inspired Talent Solutions has a proven track record and reference-able clients for direct hire recruiting as well with the same "high touch" approach. Either way, our ability to understand how industry trends affect hiring helps us to create a solution that accommodates your changing workforce needs.

Companies need more time to concentrate on their core business and are ultimately looking to gain the maximum benefits that the "right talent at the right time" can bring. That is what Inspired Talent Solutions does. That is what makes your experience with us different.