Offering the Best Job Opportunities for Qualified Talent

Derek H.,


I would highly recommend Daren and Inspired Talent Solutions. They very clearly understood the needs of his client but also myself the potential candidate. Daren identified that my personality would be an ideal fit for the position and was able to effectively communicate it to me. He provided all of the logistics for me to meet with the client company, assisted with the negotiations, and followed through until the offer was received. He and Inspired made this job transition the smoothest that I have had. My transition to this new company is the smartest move I have made, and Daren is the reason why..

Dan J.,

Candidate then Client/Senior Technology Manager

Typically when you are contacted by a recruiter he or she immediately moves into the "pitch," trying to determine how you could fit into the position regardless if it's a good match for both parties. There are those rare occasions when the recruiter seems to have actually read your resume fully, done research and has a good fit. Then there are those even rarer occasions, like the experience I had with Daren and the team at Inspired, where the recruiter is interested, first and foremost, with who you are as a person and what you want for your career. The team at Inspired made certain that not only did my background match the position's needs, but that my personality matched the company's culture and my ambitions aligned with the opportunities. ITS provided the right amount of assistance and guidance throughout the entire process; it was by far the best experience I've had with a recruiter.


Nowadays, I know Daren and Inspired from the other side of the table; they are diligently finding candidates for positions I need to fill. Those same qualities I experienced with Daren when he was recruiting me hold true as he is recruiting for me. Not one candidate is brought without a discussion about who the person is and why they believe they would be an asset to our company. The people we have hired through Inspired have become just that, assets to our company. Even when I challenge Inspired with difficult positions to fill, the attention to intra-personal details is unwavering. I would recommend Daren and ITS to anyone who is looking for a new job/career/opportunity and to any company looking to hire quality employees.



Daren and Inspired are the best recruiters I’ve ever dealt with. He is professional, efficient and courteous. He expedited the process and went the extra mile to send me helpful tips.


It is comforting to know that in a game where you can often feel like a number, there is a recruiting firm like Inspired Talent Solutions – I would recommend using Daren Bitter and Inspired for your recruiting needs as they will comprehensively cover all bases. As a prospective employee, expect Daren and the Inspired Team to be prompt and thorough in getting to the heart of your talents. He has a keen eye to details and a passionate dedication to the ART of recruiting

It’s Not Just a Job, but a New Lease on Life Understanding You

We understand that working with a traditional talent agency (or "staffing firm") can be a difficult process and sometimes even a waste of time. All of us at Inspired Talent Solutions have come up from traditional staffing firms for many years, and, as a result, we understand that the candidate is equally important. We know that the experience you have with your job search is crucial to your success in finding the right opportunity.

We will spend the necessary time to fully educate you on our clients, opportunities, marketplace trends, and the best path to success. We will also always stay in touch with you.

You will immediately notice the difference when you work with us. Our expertise, professionalism, and network can provide you with the experience you have been seeking. You will experience the difference with Inspired Talent Solutions.